Policies & Sizing

Shirts are unisex, and fit slightly on the snug side. We don't recommend putting our clothes in the dryer. 
T-shirts are 60% combed ringspun cotton, 40% polyester jersey. 
Crewnecks are 50% cotton, 50% polyester. 
If you see an item that is sold out in your size, feel free to email info@thegetrealmovement.com and we will let you know as soon as it is back in stock. Our items often sell out quick, so this is the best way to ensure you get your item before it's re-stocked and sold out again. 
If it is our fault:
We have a dedicated shipping department that deeply cares about Get REAL, and they work as fast as they can. However, sometimes mistakes do happen. In the event of a mistake on our end (i.e. you purchased a medium but we shipped you a small), please email info@thegetrealmovement.com and we will make it right. The process is as follows: 
1. Email info@thegetrealmovement.com to notify us of the error. 
2. If it is found to be our error, we will provide a pre-paid shipping tag, for the return. 
3. Once your package arrives safely at the address above, in new condition, we will process your new shipment. If the item is found to be damaged in any way, the purchaser agrees to pay for their new item. 
For any other issues: 
In the event that a return is not our fault (i.e. we shipped you the size you ordered but you meant to enter in a different size, or we shipped you the colour you ordered but you meant to order a different colour, etc.), the purchaser agrees to cover the cost of shipping back to Get REAL, and the new shipment back to them. The process is as follows: 
1. Email info@thegetrealmovement.com to notify us that you are starting a return process; this way we can notify our shipping department as well. 
2. Ship your return to:
Textbooks For Change
450 Sherman Ave North, Door 7
Hamilton, ON
L8L 8J6
Attn: Tom S.
3. Email info@thegetrealmovement.com with your tracking number. 
4. Once your package arrives safely at the address above, in new condition, we will send you an invoice for the new shipping (or for the new shipping + the cost of a new item/items, if you wanted to add on to your second shipment). 
5. Once that invoice is paid, we will process your new shipment, and send you your new tracking number. 
Under no circumstances will refunds be issued. By purchasing from this site you agree to our Terms of Service and Return Policy
Upon confirmation of payment your item will be processed for shipment within 2 business days. A tracking code will be issued to the email you registered with. The Get REAL Movement will not be held responsible for lost goods if an incorrect shipping address is provided. Should your package not show up, or arrive damaged, please contact us at: info@thegetrealmovement.com. 
Effective July 1, 2018, all orders shipping to Australia require that the customer pay 10% GST.
Any promotional code provided by Get REAL regarding free shipping is only admissible for free shipping if the merchandise is ordered to the location specified in the promotional code. Here is how it would work for the promotion code "halifax", that would be advertised as free shipping for pick-up in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in Canada: 
  • You as the customer would purchase your order using the code (in this example, "halifax"),  which waives the shipping amount
  • We email you the details of pick-up location and time-window. 
  • You arrange to pick up your order within that location and time-window. 
If you used a free shipping code and you are not able to pick up your order because you do not actually live in that city: 
  • Because of our no refunds policy, it is on you to pick up your item. If you purchased the item using that shipping code and you in fact won't be able to pick it up (let's say you don't live in Halifax, you live in another city), you will be sent a shipping invoice to pay the shipping that you should have paid originally. It is up to you whether you wish to pay the second invoice, but if you do not, we will not be refunding your item, and we also will not be shipping it, because you have not paid for shipping. 
If you used a free shipping code and you are not able to pick up your order, but you do live in that city: 
  • Sometimes, we are able to make exceptions if you do live in the city of the promo code, for instance, leaving your merchandise with a member of one of our university chapters. We would only do this if you confirm with us; if you do not answer our communications to you, and you don't show up, we will bring your item back to Toronto with us. 
  • If you do confirm that you want your item left with a member of our team who lives in that city, the onus will be on you to pick up your order within one month, as a courtesy to our team member who is adding work to their plate by arranging pick-up details with you. You will be connected to our team member via email.
The Get REAL Movement holds no responsibility for orders where USPS or another shipping provider has made an error. The responsibility rests with the purchaser to contact USPS or the associated shipping provider. For instance, if a USPS shipment is returned to us because of an issue with your address, the options are: 
1. You, as the purchaser, can contact the shipping provider directly and to try and get your shipping costs refunded. If they comply, then you can contact us at info@thegetrealmovement.com and pay for new shipping. 
2. You contact us immediately at info@thegetrealmovement.com and pay for new shipping. 
3. In both instances, our return policy is the same as the above: we will not ship out new items until the old item or items have arrived safely back at our shipping department in new condition. 


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