"for the love of humanity" Toque

"for the love of humanity" Toque

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"for the love of humanity" toque - all funds go towards Doctors Without Borders.

This toque symbolizes human unity - coming together to use our voices, and resources to stand up for and support our fellow humans in need.

As a Canadian-based non-profit organization focused on combatting discrimination and fostering acceptance, compassion, and support for all marginalized communities, working on the ground providing humanitarian aid is not what we are set up to do.

However, we feel the need to provide support for those who are on the front lines of humanitarian disasters, with whatever resources we can. In that light, 100% of the profits from our "For The Love Of Humanity" toque will be donated to Doctors Without Borders, to support them in providing crucial aid for those who need it most.

We will continue to speak out against hate, advocate for more acceptance and compassion in our world, and support those who are working on the ground to provide humanitarian aid to those who need it most.

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